Project: USSD & IVR Gateway

USSD & IVR Gateway is an integration engine that receives requests from USSD & IVR network elements, transforms requests and submits to external and internal systems such as Billing Management, Order Management, Content Provider, IN, Call Center Application, etc. using various types of interfaces such as SOAP/HTTP, Servlet, Jolt/WTC Tuxedo, XML, and JDBC.

Example Services:

Prepaid Service (Happy): BB Borrow, Emergency Refill, Balance Transfer, Day Give-away, and more

Postpaid Service: Check current package, Check outstanding balance, Check unbilled total usage, and more

Sub Projects:

  • Mobile Extension (Avenger) – This project implement mobile channel for customer to integrate with USSD system. The project aims to help boost dtac CRM, which is dtac Reward campaign using Coupon system.
  • Dynamic Airtime Advance (DAA) – To provide credit scoring for dtac prepaid subscriber’s service Jaidee Haiyuem and enable multi-loan amount offering via IVR/USSD channel.
  • iRobot – To manage promotion or campaign stimulate for cash the money back to customers cover dtac and DTN and provide self channel service for inquiry bonus balance for example IVR / USSD / e-service
  • Icing for prepaid – This project also will provide on-top packages cancellation to offer alternative channel to prepaid subscribers to do on- top cancellation via IVR *1003 and reduce work load of dtac call center.
  • Mocha – This project will support customers who ported to TriNet to know the dtac outstanding balance account via self service channel and Reduce number of inquiry calls to Call Center.
  • Jaidee Jak Net – Currently, Prepaid subscribers are very impressed with manyJaidee service from dtac such as Jaidee Hai Yuem (Emergency Refill Service), Jaidee Hai Oan (Balance Transfer Service) Jaidee Jaek Won (Day Give-Away Service) and so on. To focus on the direction of dtac about Internet for all, Jaidee service has more potential to provide a cheaper internet package to attract prepaid subscribers ,so this Jaidee service is called Jaidee Hai Net. So prepaid subscibers who meet the service conditions can get the internet time-based package with cheaper price, limited speed and short validity. The project will start developing on the interim solution first to provide Jaidee Hai Net service shortly.
Company: Total Access Communication PLC.
Period: 2009 - Present

Oracle WebLogic 8.1/9.2/10.3/12c (Server, Workshop), WebServices, Servlet, MS SQL Server 2000/2005, IBM Informix, Oracle, JMS, MDB, EJB, Log4J, jMeter, Diameter Credit Control (DCC), WebLogic Tuxedo

Enterprise: Total Access Communication PLC. -
Team size: 5 - 10