Project: Payment Gateway (PGW)

Payment Gateway(PGW) is a application that perform as the gateway for payment. Its functions are recoding the payment transactions. Payment information is arranged by the merchant of company with the systems such as Shopping 8000, and Web Self Service. PGW also connect to the pay point for customer payment. These payment channels are available thru online direct debit, credit card, bill payment online, mPay, counter service, and commercial banks. After complete payment, the system will notify the merchants for acknowledgement and then deliver merchandises to customers.

Company: GMM Grammy PLC.
Period: 2014

Apache Tomcat, MSSQL, Java, Servlet, JSP, iBatis, JIBX, Spring Tool Suite, Log4J, Web Service, SVN

Enterprise: GMM Grammy PLC. -
Team size: 1 - 4