Project: KTB netbank

KTB netbank: The future of banking has come to the internet. Introducing by KTB as one of the first, it provides many banking services which offer both secured and convenient way to access. Moreover, customer can access or manage account anywhere and anytime himself. With modern look and feel on many mobile devices such as Android, iPhone, or iPad, customer feels like banking has never been this easy and convenient.

Company: Krungthai Computer Services Co., Ltd. (KTBCS)
Period: 2012 - Present

Java, Ionic, Native iOS, Android, HTML5, jQuery on Mobile, JBoss Server, SVN, DB2, WebService, JSF, JSP/Servlet, Jasper Report, Jog4j, XML

Client Platform: iOS, Android
Server Platform: Sun Solaris Servers, IBM AIX Servers

Enterprise: Krungthai Bank PLC. –
Team size: 5 - 10