Project: EAI – Affinium & Response Fullfillment (EAI-AF, EAI-RFF)

EAI-AF is a system that synchronizes information from Campaign Management System (Affinium) to Customer Care and Billilng System (CC&B). Data is transferred from source file with fixed format and converted it into Tuxedo Service Call.

EAI-RF is designed to serve data transformation in various formats from Campaign Management System. Configurable with dynamic and flexible design, EAI – RFF allows many and more external system to retrieve information from Campaign Management System in desired format with no more implementation but only configuration needed.

Company: Total Access Communication PLC.
Period: 2008 - 2009

WebLogic Integration 9.2, MS SQL 2000 SP3, JPD, JPF, NetUI, iBATIS, Webservice, CVS

Enterprise: Total Access Communication PLC. -
Team size: 2 - 5