Project: e-Business Portal Redesign

AIS eBusiness Portal is an Online applications to help Corporate customers manage their business’ mobility service through fast & convenience channel. The system features:

  • 24-hr and automated service for reporting and buying package online
  • Bill & usage reports for management and control in the desired format
  • Inform problems & track status via online
  • Easy & convenience to pay your bills via various electronic payment channels
  • Easy with consolidated service with link to your AIS Web-Based Solution

This project is to redesign the application to meet following requirements:

  • New UI/UX Design to match with current AIS Corporate Identity (CI)
  • Responsive application which improves user interface experience
  • Cross platform application allows user to connect through various devices
  • New technology & framework to improve and enhance existing system. This also benefit application maintenance in the future
  • Resolve existing defects and implement new pending requirement
Company: Advanced Info Service PCL.
Period: 2016 - Present

AngularJS, Spring, EJB, JPA, Hibernate, JBoss, HTML5/CSS, Bootstrap, iReport, jibX, AXIS, Mavern, Tibero

Client Platform: Web Browsers on PCs, Web Browsers on Mobile Devices
Server Platform: Sun Solaris Servers

Enterprise: Advanced Info Service PCL. –
Team size: 7 - 9