Project: dtac Reward – Snoopy

Dtac reward system has some limitations for launching both prepaid and postpaid campaign. So, this project will enhance dtac reward platform features.

  • Phase I – To  to support new customer privilege type.
  • Phase II (Campaign Authorization) – Add new feature to support campaign authorized managing by redeem reward channel and provides service for manage users/roles and redeem reward relational
  • Phase III (SMS Enhancement and BI Process) – To enhance SMS notification features for manage SMS pattern each of privillege type, BI process improvement and reload campaign performance improvement
Company: Total Access Communication PLC.
Period: 2016 - 2017

Oracle WebLogic 11, Log4J, Web Service, XML, SVN, Oracle Workshop for WebLogic 10.3, Javascript, AJAX, ExtJS, MSSQL2014, jMeter

Enterprise: Total Access Communication PLC. -
Team size: 2 - 3