Project: dtac Reward

The dtac Reward (Coupon Web Tool) will be implemented for campaign management and operation teams to effectively manage coupon campaign and platform to deliver greater service to dtac customers.

  • Enhancement Phase I – To enhance existing dtac reward to support more partners and USSD command.
  • Enhancement Phase II -To enhance existing dtac reward to support 100 million eligible subscribers.
  • Friend Get Friend – dtac reward has launch campaign for friend to invite friend and get discount on buying new device from dtac shop. This project provides new web user interface for business user to customize friend condition and message to response to customer.
  • Accum Refill X Get Y – To implement the new feature for customer to refill the money. Once the accumulated amount reaches predefined threshold, the bonus will be given to subscriber
  • Flipflop – To enhance the system to create more royalty campaign in order to help boost selling device/handset to subscriber
Company: Total Access Communication PLC.
Period: 2011 - Present

WebLogic Server, Oracle Workshop IDE, MSSQL, Hibernate, EJB, Web Service, Log4J, XML, Ext JS, Sencha, XML, SVN, jMeter, Diameter Credit Control (DCC)

Enterprise: Total Access Communication PLC. -
Team size: 2 - 3