Project: Common Network Gateway

Common Network Gateway (CMNGW) is an enterprise-class, fault-tolerant, clustered load balancing SMS gateway running on the BEA Weblogic 9.2 Platform that intelligently utilizes SMSC capacity license in order to improve performance and reliability, and to reduce service downtime to support more services in the future. All major applications will connect to CMNGW in order to send a short message to mobile subscribers.

  • Check QNPDB – This project intends to enhance development Common Gateway in order to specific target endpoint of QNPDB by subscriber’s operator.
  • Improve check block list – This project is an improvement of performance and memory usage of caching blocklist data process.
Company: Total Access Communication PLC.
Period: 2006 - 2013

BEA WebLogic 9.2 (Server, Workshop), Oracle TimesTen 7.0, MS SQL Server 2000, Stored Procedures, JMS, MDB, EJB, Socket, Concurrent Programming, JFreeChart, Log4J, Web Service, JSP/Servlet, Struts, XML Beans, WebLogic Integration

Enterprise: Total Access Communication PLC. -
Team size: 5 - 10