Project: Image Cheque Clearing and Archive System (ICAS)

This system, Image Cheque Clearing and Archive System (ICAS), is developed to improve and shortens time the process of clearing cheque by using image cheque instead of sending the physical cheque to owner bank to verify signature and authorization via Bank of Thailand (BOT) gateway.

Company: NCR (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Period: 2009 - Present
Skill: Oracle Glassfish, MSSQL, Adobe Air, Adobe Flex, iBATIS, Log4J, EJB, Web Service, XML, CVS, NetBean IDE, jMeter, Log4J, JIRA, iReport, WebSphere

Client Platform: Web Browsers on PCs, Windows-based Applications on PCs
Server Platform: Windows Servers, Linux-based Servers

Enterprise: NCR (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Team size: 8 - 14