Project: Enterprise Application System (EAI)

Enterprise Application Integration System is a system that helps communicate between all application systems. The main purpose for this system is to transform messages from one source to other sources as Service Gateway.

  • Common Web Service Application – To support dtac’s application (MNP, BB Gateway etc.) to retrieve information or execute method on legacy system (CCB, BB Gateway, Database, other Web Service etc.)
  • CCBESB – Provide integration service between Legacy System to communicate with CCB, a customer information and billing system, over Web Service technology.
  • Jaidee Service – To support dtac’s application to validate and retrieve information on legacy system for Jaidee Haiyuem project.
  • Abacus prepaid (BPM Abacus) – To manage XML message from many legacy systems and transform it using WLI to communicate with Siebel.
  • ALSB (NCCA) – To transform incoming Web Service message from NCAA, a call center client application, into outgoing Tuxedo message for a customer profile application system, called CCB.
  • Abacus Postpaid – This project is to manage XML message from many legacy systems and transform it using OSB to communicate with Siebel.
  • CMX – This project is designed and developed for a mission to transform input data from both calling web service message and persisted message from database into specified output format which is required by Data Consumer Application.
  • CSS Profile Sync – To synchonize profile data from CCB to CBS in asynchronous mode, Can use as backup-service-call system when CCB unable to call service in CBS directly.
  • iRobot – This integration sub project aims to support account listing request which currently not support on dtac EAI platform.
  • Monitor HPOV – To monitor server processes using various monitoring methods. It is also able to alert  when any process is not working properly.
  • Service Exposure – To expose some services to dtac-partner system such as Smart, TMB service in order to communicate with many dtac system via web service interface.
Company: Total Access Communication PLC.
Period: 2013 - Present

Java, J2EE, JSP/Servlet, EJB, MDB, Oracle Service Bus(OSB), Oracle WebLogic Integration 9.2.3 - 10.2, JPD, Informix, Oracle Database, XML, Web Service, Log4J

Enterprise: Total Access Communication PLC. -
Team size: 2 - 3